Strategic Planning & Execution

What differentiates us from the rest is our emphasis on Strategy Execution. Sure, we can help you develop the strategy and we’ve done it for countless companies. Our methodology is tried and true. But, our real value is in helping you execute on the plan.  That is always the bigger challenge and where you get the bigger results.

Working with the CEO and their Executive Management Team, we facilitate the strategic thinking, decision-making and action planning essential in crafting a shared mission, vision and strategy for the company’s success. Inner Resources then guides the Executive Team in how they actively engage the organization from initial discovery and planning through to execution and accountability to ensure their strategic growth plan drives toward the desired results.

Within this service offering, Inner Resources brings a range of expertise and proven experience in the following areas:

  • Executive Team Facilitation that focuses not only on a clear process for active discussions on strategy but also on an intent to build the team’s collaborative capability. This sets the foundation for creating alignment among the team members that will foster and promote alignment with the organization.  Click here for case scenario.
  • Group/Team Development that focuses on communication skills to improve the effectiveness of the group/team in strengthening their teamwork, achieving challenging team initiatives and messaging the strategic growth plan for staff’s understanding. Click here for team development programs.
  • Performance Management that ties the company’s mission, core values, vision and strategy with management and individual performance plans and accountability in eliciting the most relevant behaviors and activities.  Click here for case scenario.
  • Company Culture Development that sets up specific promotional and assessment programs to instill the company mission and core values into the day-to-day organizational climate and behavior.  Click her for case scenario.
  • Strategic Planning Operating System that provides a cohesive, step-by-step approach in designing and executing strategic growth plans. Within this framework, we work with CEOs to customize their own processes and systems that fit their particular business (e.g. industry, markets) and cultural (e.g. leadership, organization) needs.  Click here for white paper.

Here are some client scenarios of our Strategy Execution work:

Coaching for CEO Success in a Virtual Organization

The CEO of an emerging, outsourced financial and accounting services company was looking for a way to build and sustain a corporate culture within a virtual organization. The company, in its second year of existence, was doubling its account base each quarter and the CEO was experiencing a growing number of issues around customer dissatisfaction with the assigned staff. Read more…

Changing the Culture to Support Growth
A well-established, successful distributor of supplies, the leader in its industry, was acquired and became part of a nationwide firm. The Vice President of Sales who had worked with the owner for twenty years and knew the company and industry well was promoted to President of the division. The previous President ruled with an iron hand, calling all the shots. The result was a culture of non-participation. Read more…

Scaling and Managing for Growth

An educational publishing company with twenty years of success was suddenly faced with tremendous growth opportunities. How to manage for growth was the issue. Read more…

Developing a Performance Driven Culture

A four year old, systems integration firm targeting small to mid-sized companies had built a successful and reputable firm. In this short time frame they had quickly become the number one integrator in their region for a noted platform company. With this growth, the CEO was dealing with multiple options for future growth and how best to structure the organization to scale efficiently and profitably. Read more…

We find the following video a good introduction to understanding the importance of strategy.