Leader Mentoring

A recent study by Bersin and Associates found that 62% of all organizations surveyed say that leadership development is one of their top three talent strategies, yet, only 37% of those organizations rate the leadership capabilities of their top executives as excellent.  Clearly, there is a big gap.  Inner Resources in conjunction with the Arch of Leadership provide a distinctly different and proven leadership program to develop leaders.  We do it through a concept called Leader Mentoring.  Read our case study on Leader Mentoring – From Entrepreneur to Strategic Leader.

Leader Mentoring — What is it?

Leader Mentoring differs from traditional methods of developing leaders.  It emphasizes not talents and skills used in executing a vision or initiative, but the qualities and values of life that are needed to sustain oneself in the creative endeavor.

We say: “No mentors, no leaders,”  Yet, this great, ancient, and necessary catalyst for learning has been neglected by our training and development industry.

Leader Mentoring comprises a qualitatively different experience and outcome than does coaching. For any executive who wants to succeed, coaching has proven its worth. But leader mentoring touches something else: how leaders can shape their lives so that they can step into larger challenges and risks to accomplish something greater than they ever have before.

Our approach delves into the true significance of mentoring.  Our programs introduce new concepts by asking aspiring leaders as “mentees” to open their hearts and minds and think differently. It reaches for the true history, tradition, and spirit that motivates mentoring as “leader mentors” are trained in the art of being present in guiding a mentee’s journey toward deeper self-trust and their own brand of leading.

How We Do It

Our Leader Mentoring targets individuals charged with driving strategic change initiatives within an organization from the CEO to functional managers. The Leader Mentoring process brings an innovative approach to the development of creative, authentic leaders. With a focus on self-discovery and one’s ‘skills of character,’ aspiring leaders work with Inner Resources’ Certified Leader Mentors in strengthening their ‘Self-Trust’ to lead and defining how that shows up in engaging others through their ‘Leader Brand.’

The outcome of this work is to strengthen the leader’s own ‘Resolve’ in making the tough decisions and leading the critical and often harder challenges that allow change to happen through their organizations, industry and communities. (Link to the chapter from MS book on “Leader Mentoring” with four stories)

There are many ways our professional Leader Mentors can help you. We have designed our portfolio of programs to offer you a full range of professional, mentor-guided learning experiences and price points. You choose the way that our executive leader mentoring process best suits your needs and resources. All  programs use proprietary materials created specifically to professionally mentor aspiring leaders. Our mentors have been selected through a vigorous screening process for their ability to change people’s lives in the most constructive and uplifting way and are fully certified in our unique curriculum. Read more about the mentoring curriculum for aspiring leaders offered only by the Arch of Leadership. We offer our programs in three forms: