Executive Coaching

Senior executives have benefited from our executive coaching since 1980.  Back then, the terminology wasn’t even used.  Coaching existed in the sports world but not in the world of business.  It was also initially viewed as something you did if you had some personal and/or professional deficiencies that were getting in the way of your success.  But, times have changed.

Inner Resources always embraced the coaching of executives as a way to help them tap more of their potential. We focus on looking at how the demands of one’s role as CEO or the inherent challenge of building an executive team or changing an organizational culture to meet new market demands can be more effectively addressed by tapping one’s potential.

Today there are many types of coaches that validate the need for providing support to others for a wide range of reasons. But at Inner Resources, our executive coaching continues to support CEOs and executives who are striving to bring new visions of possibility through their strategic growth plans to their business and industry and figuring out what more they need to learn and do to make it reality.

Our approach is highly customized and results-driven. The timetable is generally three to six months of intensive focus followed by periodic check in to track actual progress to intended results. We draw upon a number of assessment tools as a way to gain immediate visibility on an individual’s preferences and tendencies so that we can play to their unique combination of strengths. And we find the actual work that one does offers the best laboratory to explore and test what is possible, what works and what’s next.

Over our many years, we have also found that there are some fundamentals of good work habits and disciplines that support any individual’s capacity to tap more potential. These are offered to our clients as a way to help them sustain the learning and evolve to higher levels of performance.

Here are some of the executives who have gained from our coaching offering and expertise.  Click here for client scenario.