Annual Strategy Tune-Up

Any CEO knows that developing the strategy is the easy part; the hard part is executing it.  There are two key steps to take first:

  • Define the specific actions and the people responsible for driving the strategy
  • Even more important is establishing the accountability to ensure the right actions are performed.

In their best selling book “Execution”, Bossidy and Charan make it clear:

“no strategy delivers results unless it is converted into specific actions” and “quarterly reviews help keep plans up to date and reinforce synchronization.”

This is why one of our most valuable service offerings is the Annual Business Tune-Up and the Quarterly Check-Ins.  These “check-ins” establish a rhythm that allows the CEO and the executive team to stay on top of their business strategy.

Because today’s business environment is so volatile, even well-designed strategies must be modified quickly and action plans adjusted.  Without the process in place to routinely keep on top of these, companies can quickly find themself going in the wrong direction.

Many of our clients are highly successful companies that hit a wall relative to their growth.  They keep their heads down with work and sometimes miss paying attention to the the health of their own business.

What’s missing? Building the capability, capacity and commitment to learn how to drive their own growth strategy while staying on top of critical action plans to ensure their new thinking gets implemented. That’s where we bring value.

Our Annual Business Tune-Up and Quarterly Check-Ins close this gap. Working with the CEO and their Executive Management Team, we help them carve out the time to prioritize their own business and design highly productive and informative meetings that continually drive the right actions toward the strategy and resolve roadblocks to sustain momentum.