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As demands and expectations of customers and employees in all sectors of society have increased, leaders and their respective organizations are being called upon to become:

  • More strategic in their thinking
  • Disciplined in their communications processes
  • Multi-skilled in their daily execution of strategic actions and
  • Increasingly accountable to performance targets.

Inner Resources works with CEOs to support these four critical business needs through a company’s strategic leadership and growth plans, offering high impact programs that  include one or more of these services:

  • Strategic Planning & Execution – Facilitating the strategic thinking, decision-making and action planning essential in crafting and executing a shared mission, vision and strategy for the company
  • Leader Mentoring – Guiding the development of leader talent through an innovative, non-traditional approach of leader mentoring that focuses on the development of a leader’s ‘skills of character’ and ‘leader brand’ in strengthening their resolve to facilitate necessary changes
  • Executive Coaching – Providing one-on-one advisory and consultative process for the CEO, Executive Managers and key implementers to hone their leadership and execution skills in driving performance to the strategic growth plan and managing change initiatives that strengthen organizational capability
  • Annual Business Tune-Ups & Quarterly Check-Ins – Ensuring the relevancy of and performance accountability to the strategic plan, scheduled meetings are well-designed, facilitated and documented to keep performance focused on the right things and strategy reflective of changing market needs

We partner with the CEO and other key executives in carefully crafting our work together into manageable, results-driven projects that drive toward immediate understanding, visibility and/or performance suggesting the next best step to take.

Our programs generally range from several weeks or months to a half or full day event at periodic intervals.  Further work is defined as needed based on the outcome of each stage of the program. By moving in incremental stages, it makes it easier to identify the real challenges, opportunities or issues and determine the company’s best approach in handling it efficiently.

In offering these programs, the outcome of our work leads to our client’s greater self-sufficiency and sustained success in achieving the right strategy, with the right people applying the greatest efficiencies as a result of the following:

  1. Highly functioning executive management team and cross-functional work teams committed to a shared vision for company growth.
  2. Well-defined organizational structure with roles, responsibilities and accountability clearly delineated throughout the organization.
  3. Fully designed and differentiated long-term strategic plan (3 to 5 years in horizon) with supporting department plans all tied into the annual operating and budgeting process with appropriate incentives through the compensation plan.
  4. Actively engaged and committed staff who understand the company’s culture, strategy and performance goals and how their individual contribution and success plans tie to the company’s success.
  5. Managers who understand and become increasingly skilled in their role as strategic leaders focused on communicating the company strategy and plan, managing performance at department and individual levels to plan and leading change initiatives with efficiency and effectiveness of resources.

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