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Ask the Expert – Strategic Leadership

Recently, Bonnie was asked to contribute an article for the Hill & Partners blog.  It is reproduced here.  To see the original blog CLICK HERE ASK THE EXPERT: Leadership Essentials  BONNIE GORBATY- Founder & President of Inner Resources Bonnie Gorbaty … Continue reading

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Harness the power of your leader story

So often we as leaders think the story that needs to be shared with followers is about business performance, the strategic vision, or the rationale for change. But by themselves, these stories often don’t lead to the deep inner engagement … Continue reading

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Three things leaders must do well to drive the vision

One of the most important things leaders do is to create a vision and then execute on it. Given that many organizations are in their strategic planning phase right now, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss … Continue reading

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What the recession can teach us about leadership

In a recent call with a group of young leaders in an industry hit hard by the recession, their stories reminded me how critical leading is when times are tough. The litany of issues shared would make for a list … Continue reading

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Followers choose, are they choosing you?

What do you call a leader without any followers? Someone out for a walk. That’s an old joke, but it’s true nonetheless: without followers, you can’t have leaders. Of course, the reverse is also true: followers need leaders. To really … Continue reading

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8 Steps to a New Vision of What’s Possible in 2012

So much of our thinking at the end of the year is about budgets, goals and initiatives. If we have time, we also reflect on accomplishments. While necessary, this is the work of management—it is not leadership. The leader’s work … Continue reading

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How Magnetic Leaders Attract Able Followers

There are many definitions of leadership, but the one I like most holds that leadership is the art of getting others to “willingly devote their energies and talents in a collaborative effort” to do what the leader believes can or … Continue reading

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Exploding the 5 Myths that Inhibit Leader Development: Frameworks that Can Help You Tap Your Potential

Much of the potential for leadership inside us goes untapped, because our own thinking is constrained. Here are five of the most pernicious myths about leader development: • Leaders are born, not made. • Leaders tend to fit a certain … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Inner Resources Blog

In this blog we will share our experiences and thoughts around creating leadership, vision and results.  Stay tuned!

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