About Us

Inner Resources was founded in 1980 by Bonnie Gorbaty with a mission of helping her clients grow and prosper.  Targeted toward small and medium sized businesses, Inner Resources works with CEOs and founders to maximize the strategic value of their companies while tapping their potential to lead with great effectiveness.

Find out how our core values of professionalism, objectivity, competence and cross-industry experience have helped our clients achieve lasting success for their businesses.

In addition to our own set of services, Inner Resources maintains close ties with a few outstanding consulting firms as affiliate partners who complement our value with their expertise in sales and marketing, leadership, technology applications and exit strategies.  See the section below for links to these companies.

Bonnie Gorbaty – Founder and President of Inner Resources

Bonnie Gorbaty - President of Inner Resources Bonnie Gorbaty – President of Inner Resources

Bonnie has more than thirty years of business and consulting experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial organizations. Bonnie combines her business knowledge and experience with an understanding of the behavioral sciences to assist CEOs in bringing about needed organizational growth and change to effectively implement their business strategy.

With a keen sense for assessing an individual, group or organization’s skills and behaviors in taking the right strategic actions, she is able to design, customize and implement the appropriate processes and programs that engage and tap her client’s potential to succeed.

Bonnie currently facilitates CEO Forums for The Commonwealth Institute that bring together CEOs for peer support in learning new ways to approach their growth issues. She is also a Certified Leader Mentor for the Arch of Leadership Programs mentoring CEOs in all types of organizations. In 2006, Bonnie worked with the Boston Architectural College in launching their first distance learning, master degree program for architects and offering their first leadership course as part of the program.

In the course of her consulting experience, Bonnie has worked with a diversity of companies including Athena Neurosciences, Jordan’s Furniture, WBUR, Covisia Solutions, Towerwall, HouseWorks, Ironside Group, Accountability Outsourcing, Fox Relocation, Erving Paper, and PetEdge.

Bonnie’s business experiences range from corporate executive positions in marketing and strategic planning to successful growth of her own businesses and affiliations with several consulting firms. Bonnie holds a B.S. from Rochester Institute of Technology and an M.A. from Lesley College.

Affiliate Partners

BetterSell Solutions – Bob Hatcher – If you have all the revenue you need, you don’t need us!

Without revenue, without customers you have nothing. BetterSell Solutions is all about selling, sales excellence, taking products to market, creating compelling value propositions, defining your market, creating ideal customer profiles, and making sales. Companies today are dying the slow death because they fail to create compelling reasons to buy or because they fail to implement a consistent, well thought out sales process. As a certified sales consultant for Miller Heiman, BetterSell Solutions can help you get results fast, win business consistently and create a roadmap for exceptional sales into the future.

The Arch of Leadership – Michael Shenkman

The Arch of Leadership conducts programs exclusively on leadership. It is true that management, coaching, mentoring or other interactions are invaluable to the success of any organization, but they are quite distinct from leading. Our concentration on leading enables you to sort out what you must do, and who you must be when nothing other than leading is required.

The lessons learned in our programs are applied right away, in your immediate leadership situation. Arch of Leadership programs are most appropriate for senior executives who confront leadership challenges every day.

Arch of Leadership mentors are thoroughly trained to help you become a more effective leader. Our mentors are experienced organizational consultants and executive coaches and all have led organizations as owners, partners or executives.

Each leader brings deeply personal and individual talents to this challenge. We know that no single, cookie cutter program or formula will be effective in advancing the critical skills that leaders must draw on in their work. So, our individual mentoring and group experiential learning programs help leaders create their own, continuous, life-long leadership learning paths. Click here for more information on the Arch of Leadership programs.

Options for Change – Deborah Slobodnik

Options for Change are innovators and consultants developing and helping leaders within organizations effectively plan and execute on strategic change initiatives. Through their change leadership development programs and on-line tools, leaders facing organization-wide change can more quickly and effectively achieve outstanding business results through their change leadership skills, cultural alignment and teams. Options for Change has certified many of today’s leaders driving change within major corporations such as EMC, Hewlett Packard and Global Knowledge Network.

Talent Analytics – Greta Roberts – Align employee and business goals to drive company performance

Since employees drive every aspect of business performance, isn’t it critical to measure “what employees want and do best”?   From selecting the right new hires to aligning employees with rewarding roles, understanding these employee characteristics is critical for top business performance.  Target Teams’ Performance Platform gathers metrics on this employee data to be used in making intelligent business decisions.

The Adventum Group – Michael Cassata – The Strategic Value Collaborative

The Strategic Value Collaborative is a group of independent consultants who bring a complementary set of skills and depth of experience in working with emerging growth companies. The Collaborative is led by Michael Cassata from the Adventum Group, a full-service Merger and Acquisition (M&A) transaction and advisory firm. Working through a set of seven drivers of strategic value, Michael works with the members of the Collaborative to address all aspects of what it takes to carefully craft, execute and integrate a successful acquisition or merger for the small to mid-sized company.